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Your Path to wellness begins with you.

Treatment Methods

Whole person self management is based on the core values of treating the whole person by applying five components in prevention and encouraging your optimal health and wellness.

Every healing process begins with creating self awareness. This is one of the main keys to living well. When you expand your awareness of who you are, it brings clarity, strength and resilience. With clarity you can make different and more conscious choices. You will begin to choose what aspects of your life you want to engage in, avoiding those you know will bring unnecessary stress.

Whole person self care covers all aspect of one’s being: nutritional, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual – discovering your own innate health and vitality – healing from the inside out.

Remember, before starting any wellness program, new exercise program or diet it is always recommended to discuss it first with your doctor. Please review our disclaimer before you begin your program.

Our Process

  1. FINDING THE ROOT CAUSE  - The Cause (Root) And Visualizing The Effect (Symptoms)

  2. CONSULTATION - The Initial Session Helps To Identify The Crux Of Your Present Complaint

  3. MEDICAL HISTORY - Gather Detail Medical History Of The Client And Their Family History
    (Your Doctor Will Monitor Your Medical Progress)

Service Offerings


Dietary & Lifestyle Modification

Emphasis is given on nutrition and exercise as well as addressing psychological factors such as isolation, depression, and anger. Meal prep instruction for low-refined-carb and low fat diet, recommended; three to five hours of moderate physical activity, stress management and relaxation instruction; Clients should adopt these health-promoting strategies for the rest of their lives.


Herbal Medicine

Supplementing your health and wellness routine with natural remedies...herbs are a valuable and time-tested method. Many natural remedies offer boosts to the health of your heart, ease the discomfort of pain, or just enhance mood, there are over 100 herbs and medicinal plants that can help you do it. Since not all herbal supplements are appropriate for all people, please consult your doctor to see if it is safe for you to begin herbal supplementation.


Mineral Therapy

A Mineral therapy treatment program uses mineral supplementation to improve a person’s health and wellbeing. The human body can experience mineral imbalances without even realising it, as mineral imbalances are rarely noticed. Mineral therapy understands that these symptoms may well be the body’s way of letting us know that there is something wrong and hopefully giving us the opportunity to prevent an illness from developing.


Nutritional Therapy

Medical nutrition therapy is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms via the use of a specifically tailored diet. Medical nutrition can benefit people with various medical conditions such as cancers, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Diabetes mellitus, eating disorders, food allergies, Gastrointestinal disorders, immune system disorders; such as HIV/AIDS, inherited disorders affecting metabolism, involuntary weight loss and kidney disease.


Flower Essences

Essences are liquid solutions of the energetic imprint of flowers, plants, trees, crystals, or other natural sources. Using essences can help to increase your mental, emotional and spiritual well being and can improve overall mood. We consult with you to explore your overall mental and nervous systems and devise the best methodologies for your well being.


Exercise Modification

This program is perfect for anyone recovering from an injury or suffering from a mild disability that prevents you from doing certain high impact exercises, also for persons who have bad knees or are suffering from back pain but still want to stay active. We will provide a routine that will allow you enough movement to increase heart rate but with your safety and well being in mind. These exercise methods will help reduce the pressure put on your joints and allow you to remain injury and pain free while keeping active.


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